"Gabriel’s Dog Food is the best quality food I
have ever fed to my dogs.  

Dogs have been my companions and working
partners for over 40 years.  Once I discovered
the benefits of a raw diet I have tried several
versions, from home made to mixing meat
with commercial foods.  

I found Gabriel’s food to be complete with the
highest quality ingredients, producing shiny
coats, building a strong foundation for a
growing pup as well as fulfilling the needs of an
aging dog.

Excellent customer service with convenient  
home delivery for free!  I highly recommend it!"

Sabine, Bailey, CO
Testimonials - these are our clients words, not ours.  We are humbled and happy that they
have entrusted the nutrition of their companion dogs to us.  Sincerely, Patty
"I love having my dogs on Gabriel's raw diet!  
Their coats, energy level and fantastic health
are a direct result of being on raw.  My vet
said that he has never seen two goldens that
have such great muscle tone.  

The mix of meats, fruits and veggies has my
dogs waiting at the refrigerator at meal
times!  Being able to have it delivered and the
ability to make accommodations for food
pick-up, if needed, is extremely helpful with
my unpredictable work schedule.  

After a brief change to a different food I
quickly realized that my dogs were not as
healthy on this new food as they were on
Gabriel's.  Seeing this difference I am 100%
convinced that Gabriel's Dog Food is the best
thing I can do for my pups!"

Beth, Broomfield, CO
"I am a firm believer that dogs and people
alike should be eating natural foods for optimal
health.  For dogs, it's Gabriel's raw dog food.  

For humans, it's shopping the perimeter of the
grocery store for fresh meat, vegetables, and
fruits - the same great stuff that goes into
Gabriel's Dog Food.  

Everybody comments on Gus' coat, beautiful
white teeth and bright eyes. One other
noticeable thing are his stools.  My dog has the
healthiest poop I have ever seen and I've been
around many dogs!  I attribute that
completely to Gabriel's raw diet.  It allows his
body to be super efficient."

Laura, Highlands Ranch, CO
"I am a longtime customer of Gabriel's Good
Dog Food.  Tremendous quality.  Great
monthly delivery right to my freezer!   Both
of my dogs love, love, love the food and the
proof is in the poop…WOW! ... small deposits
and minimal odor.

I recommend Gabriel's to anyone who
supports good health and general well-being
in their dogs.  And, they eat much less
Gabriel's raw food than the kibble I fed my
previous dogs."

Ruth, Denver, CO
"My dog has been on Gabriel's raw food his
entire life.  He is a very happy, healthy dog and
we would never consider changing his food.  In
fact, we recently moved out of state and
though Gabriel's does not deliver to Texas, we
are going to pay for the shipping!

One of the best aspects of the food is the  
cleanup in the yard - no mess and very solid

Steve, San Antonio, TX (formerly Centennial,
"My dog is very happy after eating his dinner
of Gabriel's Dog Food!"

Denise, Lakewood, CO
"Maynard was already on a Premium brand
raw diet when I discovered Gabriel’s Good
Dog Food.  Not only is Gabriel's food superior
in nutrient content than what he’d been
getting, it also costs less.  

In addition to the lower cost, Gabriel's food i
so dense in calories, I was able to reduce the
amount I was feeding by 20% saving even
more money.  His skin and coat are perfect
and he seems to have unending energy on
this diet!"

Tim, Wheat Ridge, CO
"I can't say enough good things about
Gabriel's Raw Dog Food and Patty. My dogs
love it and their coats look great!  Our pug
who has historically been a terrible shedder is
hardly losing any hair now.  Her coat and body
condition are a picture of health.  She was just
in for a check up and my vet says that she
looks great for 10 years old.

There is also something to be said about
having the ability to discuss the dietary
requirements and challenges if they arise, with
the chef herself!  

The goal of this company is to truly help each
dog achieve it's optimum health."

Sue, Centennial, CO
"My golden retriever, Ranger, was bred by
Patty, and has been eating Gabriel’s Raw Food
since he was weaned. He is now a healthy,
active 2 year old who has never experienced
any health/weight problems or ear infections.
He has an absolutely beautiful, soft coat and
his teeth are pearly white with no sign of
tartar.  I attribute all of this to the high
quality ingredients that are in this natural raw

The food is conveniently delivered solidly
frozen in easy to use containers to my door
monthly. Ranger and I highly recommend
this great product!"

Elaine, Boulder, CO
"I was referred to Gabriel’s Good Dog Food
from another Olde English Bulldogge owner
that I met in a park.  I have been making
Jake's food for his whole life, 4 1/2 years, and I
needed a break.  Gabriel’s food is fabulous!  

And, instead of 1 cup per meal of the food I
made, Jake only needs 3/4 cup of Gabriel’s,
and he's still gaining weight.  The quality and
density of Gabriel’s food is amazing.   I am
delighted to have found this Denver-based
company to feed my dog the way I know is
best and to support a local small business.  

Thanks, Gabriel’s!"

Janet, Lakewood, CO
"I was referred to Gabriel's Raw Dog Food by
my sister who has two of Patty's Golden

At 8 months old, my puppy had never had a
normal stool.  He was diagnosed with some
digestive problem.  That's when my sister
suggested I try Gabriel's food.  As soon as I
did, he had the first normal stool in his life!  

Not only do I know that raw food is the best
way to feed our canine companions, I am
certain that Gabriel's food is the best you can
get locally.  I am fortunate to live close
enough to Denver to get it!

And, Gunnar LOVES the food - it's the first
time he ever cleaned his bowl!  

We are believers!"

Joanne, Fort Collins, CO
"Gabriel's Good Dog Food is a great natural raw
food produced practically in my back yard.  I
would drive 30 minutes for this food but I can
get it delivered!  

We did not get our Golden Retriever from Patty
but I am glad I met her while cycling up Deer
Creek Canyon Road!  Bailey had a lot of health
issues before he was 5.  He loves this food, is
doing very well on it, and we intend to keep
him on it.  Thanks Gabriel's for all you do for
our Golden and for all dogs!"

Mike & Nancy, Morrison, CO
"Wing is a very special dog - she is a three
legged dog from Brazil. The best thing that I
did for her was to change her diet to Gabriel's
raw dog food.  I am from Brazil and I
received my veterinary degree there.  This is
how dogs should be fed!

Wing is a perfectly healthy 9 year old. The diet
made her coat shiny, her teeth cleaner, and
her poop tiny and easy to scoop.  I know that
all her nutrient needs are being met on this
food and she loves it."

Ana, Bailey, CO