Gabriel’s raw diet attempts to replicate what a wild
canid would eat. It would hunt for herbivores such
as rabbits, birds and small mammals. It would eat
nuts and berries and other fruit found in the wild,
as well as eggs from unattended bird's nests. The
canid would eat its entire prey; flesh, bones,
organs, and the digested plant material in the
intestines.  The result is a diet that is primarily
meat and bones, organ meat, green leafy
vegetables, fruits, berries and eggs.  

Karen Becker, DVM, an holistic veterinarian from
Chicago, explains her opinion on the benefits of a
raw diet for our dogs
The Benefits of Feeding Raw

    Gabriel’s raw dog food consists of only fresh,
    raw ingredients - no nutritional elements of
    the food are lost during canning or baking.

    Our fruits and vegetables are high in
    antioxidants, fighting abnormal cells that
    could become cancerous.

    Taurine is an essential amino acid that is only
    found in raw red meat.  Taurine is required for
    the proper development of the heart.

    Raw bones are the best source of calcium for
    the development and maintenance of healthy
    bones and teeth.

    Raw food is biologically appropriate for the
    dog’s digestive system.
... and they LOVE it!