Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of Gabriel's raw food?
Gabriel's Good Dog Food is delivered to you at $5.00 a pound.  

What about Salmonella?
Dogs have very strong stomach acids and a short digestive tract.  Both essentially
prevent an infection from forming if bacteria are present.  Further, wild canids eat
carrion which is rarely fresh!

What about E-coli?
This answer is the same as for salmonella.

If the chicken is ground, how do I keep my dog's teeth clean?
Gabriel's recommends purchasing a slab of beef back ribs (7 ribs per slab) at the
grocery store.  The ribs cut apart easily and can be frozen.  Give your dog one rib
bone a week.  They will love eating the meat off of the bone and then chewing on
the rib bone itself.  Do not allow the bones to lay in the sun as they become too
brittle.  Take the bone away once it becomes too small - yes your dog will eat the
bone - happily!

How do I switch my dog over to a raw diet?
Use the 25% rule – for two or three days feed 75% your food and 25% Gabriel's;
then 50% and 50% for a few days; then 25% your feed and 75% Gabriel's; then
all Gabriel's.

How much do I feed?
Feed about 3/4 the amount of kibble by volume to start.  So if you feed 1 cup of
kibble twice a day, feed 3/4 cup of Gabriel's food twice a day.  Raise or lower the
amount by evaluating your dog’s weight.  You will likely feed even less than that.  
Be sure you can easily feel your dog's ribs.  Most of today's dogs are overweight -
they should have a noticeable waistline just like us!