The owner of Gabriel’s Good Dog Food
has been feeding a raw diet to her Golden
Retrievers for over 20 years, long before
the commercially available raw foods were

After an unusual illness in her first Golden
Retriever, the owner set out to determine if
the illness could have been prevented and
to learn more about dog nutrition.  The
research convinced her that a raw diet is
the healthiest way to feed our dogs. In the
ensuing years, the diet was modified based
on new studies on canine health and
nutrition and Gabriel's raw food developed
into what it is today.

Our food is packed in convenient two
pound (shown at right) and four pound
containers and is delivered directly to you
from our deep freezers.

Our Customers Help Us Recycle!  

We ask our customers to wash their empty
containers in the dishwasher, allow them to
dry, and store them until the next delivery.  
When we deliver your food, we pick up
your empty containers, sterilize them and
re-use them.  Not only does this help the
environment but it lowers the cost of the
food to our customers.  
It's a Win-Win!
A Brief History About Us